Movistar+ on the X8-H Plus (Lollipop)

I have the dame Problem with my MINIX NEO X8H-Plus (Android 5.1.1. Installed) and I must to downgrade the app to 6.0.7 because the 6.5.4 dont work (When I open it the screen only shows black).
As of today, version 5.1.8 of the Movistar+ app does work on X8-H Plus with Lollipop.

Just in case someone else is struggling with this.


I wrote on the Movistar official forum:
Came to make some noise, maybe they "decide" to "fix" this stupid limitation...
"Tiene Android 5.1.1 (es un Android normal, NO Android TV), está certificado por Google y con los servicios actualizados (tiene Google Play y todo actualizado, de ahí lo instalo) y tiene un Quad Core y 2 GB de RAM"

FYI The device is not Google certified.

maybe they "decide" to "fix" this stupid limitation...
They most likely will not!

Like all the other companies they continue to develop the app for newer Android versions and Google certified devices.

It would be interesting to know if Movistar+ functions on the MINIX T5 which is Google certified!
FYI The device is not Google certified.
Yeah, I know, but I prefer to not mention that "explicitly", better saying the argument that has Google Play and Services perfectly working as any other tablet, mobile...

They do not do anything.
Buff, I just read your post... the same history...

Well, I will answer for last time in my post, maybe we've luck...

It's sad because with Finless mod this MINIX works like a charm and I really feel that I don't need a new dispositive... but can't understand how a big company have a low quality app and not well ready/tested for many dispositives/contexts in a so demanded service today...