NEO C Plus [USB-C Multiport Adapter for MacBook and MacBook Pro]: Info Sheet and User Guide


Well, long time ago i wanted a Samsung Dex like device for my phone. Nothing existed, until now !

I just tried to connect the Neo C plus to my Android Oneplus 7 pro, a HDMI cable to the TV and voilà !
It just work perfectly !
- No lag at all
- Rotation is perfect (full screen on TV)

I added an USB keyboard and an USB mouse, everything is OK. More, the right mouse button is mapped to back in android side.
Tried android Word, Excel, OK !!

Nothing to compare with a simple screencast, video is directly sended thru USB-C cable, so no lag at all, full colours, and even soud is played on the TV (or monitor).

So happy ! :D:D

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