NEO U1: 013FW [Android Lollipop OS]

firmware via sd memory was successful. But the firmware could not fix the problem. Connect and reflash the laptop via usb + otg did not work.
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And so I will list what I have already tried:

0.1 Replacing the power supply.
0.2 Replacing the thermal pad (it was very hot, it gets warm ...)

1. Reset to factory add-ons.
2. Installing the firmware via the sd card in fat 32 (the firmware is up).
3. Installing the firmware through the computer - USB + otg cable with + pressing the power + button and recovery button through the hole in the case.

After each successful installation, he did so.

The firmware got up ....
Flushing the cache, rebooting and nothing ...


After all the manipulations, it turned off (rebooted) every 5-10 seconds

Although initially the reboot period was 30-40 seconds, but at the same time many functions hung or did not turn on .....