NEO U1: Install the firmware with the Burning Tool

WARNING: Manually installing the firmware will erase all saved data, content and settings on your MINIX NEO U1.

This is what you need to install the firmware.
# NEO U1 firmware and USB Burning Tool. (Download firmware and tool here)
# Windows-based PC (minimum Windows 7)
# Micro USB cable that comes with the NEO U1

  1. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip (or .rar) file to a folder.

  2. From the folder, install the flashing tool by double-clicking on "USB_Burning Tool setup_v2.0.9.exe" on the Windows PC. During the process, please allow installation of the driver.

  3. After that, run this software. The user interface shall be the same as the USB Burning Tool.png.
    If the interface language is not English, please change the interface language to English by clicking this menu and selecting "English".

  4. Go to ‘File’ > ‘Import image’, and load the image from the folder.

  5. Then attach the power adapter to the NEO U1, and connect NEO U1 to the Windows PC via the Micro USB cable that comes with the box.

  6. To flash the MINIX NEO U1 firmware, the power button should be held down for more than 6 seconds, then the ‘USB Burning Tool’ shall identify that the NEO U1 is connected.
    If the USB Burning Tool does not identify the NEO U1, please follow these steps.
    1) Please re-install the USB Burning Tool, and there’ll be a prompt to remind you to install the driver.
    The driver is essential for the Windows-based PC to recognize the NEO U1.

    2) Please use a USB2.0 port on your PC to connect to the NEO U1, instead of USB3.0.

    3) If it still does not work, you may have to use another Windows PC.

  7. Do not alter the default (burning) Configuration settings.
    Click ‘Start’ to start flashing. Wait until it is finished.

  8. Unplug the Micro USB cable between the PC and U1, click "Stop", exit the tool and unplug the U1 power adapter.

  9. Then re-plug in the power adapter and press power button to start the NEO U1. It will take a little while to boot after flashing.