NEO Z64-A [20150413]


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I have my OS on the W of Android x86, PhoenixOS, LineageOS-x86, Linux, (
Runs well too.
x86_64 is 64 bit.
If you want something older go to older ones. You just have to be careful, with the older ones the Playstore doesn't work properly or the services.
But you can download it from I. Browser. Take Grub2win over Windows to start.
Works also with other Linux distro. USB card reader, partition gpt. Then you can create multiple partitions, multiple OS, I use micro SD card 64 GB UHS-I, is good and fast.

Grub2Win,Boot USB, (hd0,gpt...part)=(hd0,1)
Linux= sda...part= sda1
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