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So how do you like it? Already tested? :)
Yes, im very pleased, especially with quality 4K/HDR playback.

What hits you most, at least for me, is the vibrancy of colours and deep blacks over that achieved from my older Samsung LED/LCD ( which was also pretty good)

Also "links up" well via my Dolby Atmos AVR to which the Minix U9 is connected.

There are a lot of settings but slowly getting my head round most of them but the "out of the box settings" are pretty good and i have only found i needed to make minor adjustments.

mark lob

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Samsung LED has VA panel for good black for LCD but LG OLED has good black much better than high end last Panny Plasma.I will buy for my self next year OLED because price is lower.It doesn't matter which brand.

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