Yea I understand but I don't really install beta update I wait until the stable is available

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If you followed the CE ROM thread then you would know! ;)
just to throw a small spanner into the works which may be causing some potential misunderstanding :unsure:

its my understanding that both minix official and CE have developed nougat versions of a ROM for the U9-H

We know the CE edition is currently under active development , albeit unfortunatley slowly as time permits for the CE guys
but we have not seen any further news (AFAIK) regading futher development of the official minix version.

Is it your understanding that Minix official have abandoned their development and only the CE edition development is currently active ?


Not Really.. we are working close with minix to creatie this fw.


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Exactly, that is my understanding! :)

I meant that MINIX have handed the baton over to the community developers and that there is only one ROM version in development.

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