Other than Kodi...


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File Commander (Premium)
Flight Radar 24 (Silver)
Superbeam (Pro)
Poweramp (full version)
Vortex Galaxy (live wallpaper)
Youtube/Youtube Music


MX Player or VLC.

Netflix & Prime Video aren't on the list because my 4K TV has the apps built in for FHD/UHD. Kodi is still without doubt the most used app, however ;).


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Kodi - in the U9-H
Minix XBMC - in the U1
Firefox - in the U9-H
Google Chrome, box factory version - in the U9-H
Google Chrome, updated - in the U1
Opera - in the U1
Instagram (needs fiddling with the screen settings for better experience)
Youtube - for interaction with the pages - comments, uploadings.
Newpipe - for random music videos, continuous play mainly
Lichess (but it is better in the web browser version)
Soundcloud (trying to find out what for)
WPS Office
Adobe Reader
Musicolet (One of the few music players capable to be set to play files in the same order as recorded originally, (imagine JC Superstar played in a random order and you will see what I mean)
Some guitar music apps
ES File Explorer (resisting to delete it)

Most posting to the Minix Forum, written with the A2 actually! :)

And wondering more and more, if not for the network server, what do I need my windoses computers for... :unsure:
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