Praying For The Chinese People and Residents Of Hong Kong in this Difficult Time

I believe now we have the first confirmed case here in Toronto Canada . :(
Yes, just read that too. Not too alarming though. They were expecting it, as statistically, it was probable. I am sure the epidemiologists from the Winnipeg Level 4 lab are all over this. It's what they are trained for.


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To everyone at Minix HQ in Hong Kong and residents of China. We want you to know that the whole world is supporting you in this fight against that terrible virus! Don't worry, a vaccination will be found and all this will be nothing but a bad memory!!
And the god that's nearby...
Dear friends, this is life. Just as easily a virus can destroy the whole world. What makes us stronger in the face of these events is unity and cooperation.

I wish I could travel to China and Hong Kong and help the people there. But the only thing I can do is pray:
My God, I pray that the Chinese and Hong Kong people overcome this virus and all live happily with their families.