Problem sharing this on 2 specific monitors using HDMI splitter

In our office we have 2 large TVs used as wallboards (they are LG UH668V model) and a mini PC with a StarTech HDMI Splitter used to feed the signal to both.
It's an old mini PC and doesn't have enough space to update Windows now, so we bought a Minix Neo J50C-4 64G to replace it.
I set everything up on the minix and tested it and the splitter with 2 regular monitors. This worked fine. However, when I plug the 2 LG wallboards into the splitter, there is no signal and the lights on the splitter which show there is a signal only light up for a second before going off.
I tried with the power for the splitter coming from the mains and with it coming from the USB port, neither made a difference.
If I plug one of the LG wallboards directly into the Minix, it works, which rules out the Minix not working with them.

So, I know the splitter isn't faulty, I know the Minix will work on 2 different monitors (just not these 2) & I know the minix works with these TVs if only one is connected directly.

Any suggestions on what to do to try get this working with the correct monitors?



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J50c-4 has also:
Mini display port and usb-c

Maybe your hdmi splitter is not compatible with the device.

Try with original minix HDMI cables (ideal is if you have two minix hdmi cables).
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The splitter works fine on the device when plugged into different monitors, just not these wallboards.
What resolution are the monitors?

What resolution are your wallboard TVs?

What resolution where you using with the older mini PC that successfully output to both wallboards simultaneously?

What resolution are you using with the J50C?

If the monitors are 1080 & the TV's 2160, for example, try initially setting a manual 1080 resolution for the TV's & see if they then both kick in simultaneously.

It may give you something to work on from (or not lol ;)).