Spam emails from Minix Forum

This is still happening! For anyone bothered by it, it's simple enough to setup a Gmail filter for all incoming email from and check "Never send it to spam". (I won't do this though, purely because I'm curious as to how long this takes to resolve, and because I'm in the habit of checking my spam every day or two.)
Still happening for me too :-(


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Hmm, is it perhaps possible that the domain or IP address needs to be whitelisted on other spam lists as well, perhaps?
For the time being, for me at least, they are still reaching my Inbox.


Always had mine go into spam. Tried all the solutions here....still no joy. Sometimes they appear in spam and sometimes I have to go into the forum through firefox and then find email notifications that were not sent to me on threads I am watching.
I whitelisted our IP address many times but after some time it's blacklisted again


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Just received your post 33 on my s9plus into spam. But did not get post 34 until I opened post 33 spam link on gmail. Just checked Gmail on my minix as well....same issue.
No big deal. But thank you for trying.😀🙏
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For me some are appearing in Inbox and some in Spam.

The Inbox ones still have the "Be careful with this message" warning.


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