WELCOME BACK Minix forums :)!!!

Hey Minix & all forum staff,

Glad to see that you've finally got the forums online again :).

Was kinda missing the old forum lol ;). It's a real shame a lot of the original content has gone, (or was it all backed up & it requires manually migrating over)???

Whatever the case, hope this forum is around for the long term.

Best wishes,


Welcome back @ArcticWolf :)

Unfortunately we can no longer access the backup and recover the old content. Only the official roms / firmwares are available and put online by the Minix team.
Every link is welcome ;)
Thanks @Skynet :).

Hope you're well?

OK, thanks for clarifying the situation with the old backups. Will try to remember some of the useful stuff like guides or tutorials etc. to re-post here :).