Welcome to the new Official Minix Forum

Welcome to the new Official MINIX forum!

Old users should be able to obtain their old names, so please don't register usernames that don't belong to you.
We will return them to the old owners on request!
Hi, and glad to see you're back.

I couldn't remember my old username so I re-registered with my own name (I usually do so I don't forget it).

If someone else used to use it I'm sorry I didn't nick it on purpose.




Don't know if anyone else here uses Gmail? But every reply to this thread is ending up in my Gmail Spam folder, despite me clicking 'not spam' every time. Gmail is usually brilliant at classifying only spam as spam, but something about this forum is tricking it into a false positive. Odd.
Yes I'm using it. No problem at all.


Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk