Windows 10 Pro 1903 works but...

I used the windows media creation tool for 1903

I created the boot disk using my regular desktop computer and when asked if it was for this computer or another device, I picked "other device". I picked Windows 10 64bit and let it create the USB boot drive.

I then downloaded the Z83-4 Pro image and extracted it. I noticed there were some special files related to booting and install. so I copied everything over the top of the USB boot disk and said YES to replace files.
Now you might be thinking that it copied over the top of newer better files from the 1903 update and I suppose you are correct. I did it anyways.

I then went into the bios of the z83 and told it to boot from my Sandisk thumb drive and let it install windows. Once complete, I removed the thumb drive, went back into bios and told it to boot from C:/windows boot manager

Once it booted up to windows desktop I proceeded to do a system update. Everything went smooth.
My SD card slot works just fine as far as I know. I put a micro SD card in the slot, it detected it, I formatted the card, I copied a file to it, I deleted said file, I then moved on with my life. If it crashes, freezes, hangs up on future file transfers I'll never know as I don't use it. I use a USB 3.0 portable drive instead. Also sound, wifi, bluetooth, and I guess everything else (maybe?) seem to be working fine. I see no issues reported in the device manger but...

There is an issue though and that is video rendering. In the past with the original windows install that came with the unit I don't remember any problem playing videos on youtube or netflix etc. In fact it was butter smooth if I remember correctly.

I am plugged into the lan port and I have gigabit internet here at home. Tested at ~940Mbps speedtest.png

Yet the videos I play at 1080p stall out, glitch, stutter, etc. Forget 4K videos as they look like 1 frame per minute time lapse.

I have tried firefox and chrome with acceleration on and off.

I then went into the device manager and looked at video adapters. It shows Intel HD video which I selected and told it to update the driver.

IT FOUND ONE! Yay! I am sure this will fix the problem. However after installing and doing a reboot the problem persists. :( sad feelings.

I then checked to make sure no other programs were running in back ground. I had already uninstalled the MS cloud service thing and it reports nothing is running. I double checked "start up programs" to make sure it wasn't loading skype or any other such nonsense and it isn't. Everything is set to manual start.

I have 100% completed all updates so it isn't downloading anything in the background either.

I just wish I could remember with 100% certainty how fast it used to play videos because I keep second guessing myself. This computer is something that spends most of its life in a drawer in the closet until I want to use it for some hair-brained idea I have. Because of this I don't have a lot of experience with it. I see people on Amazon reviews saying how it is a great media server but I can't see how. I am reasonably sure it is a driver issue I am having. I just don't know how to resolve it except going back to the 1809 image and NOT doing any updates.

So right now it sits connected to a HD TV in my bonus room with a brand new fresh (as of yesterday) 1903 Pro 64bit install with nothing but firefox and Chrome installed on it and I don't want to use it because of how slow it does the one thing I would use it for which is streaming video.