Custom firmwares

I know there were some custom firmwares on the old forum, can somebody please share them again.
I'm having trouble with the stock firmware, apps not working anymore, play store stops working.


For which device?

I don't recall there being anything available for the NEO Z64-A other than conversion to NEO Z64-W.
All google services stopped working a few days ago...
I would like to stay on android for kids...but widows is option:)
Did a factory reset this week, google services are working fine for me.
Google play store 10.8.50-all seems to work as well, newer version may break Play Store.

Restore stock Play store
Give ES File explorer root rights and remove play store from /system/priv-app/
Copy new play store to /system/priv-app/ and install by clicking on it.
Still the same..
I couldn't sign in to Google account.
I need newer version of android (now 4.4.4) and rooted device 🤨
had the same before mine died, ... after clean install; opende chrome, like the app told me and logged in to account now everything is working again.

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