How to reset Windows 10 OS on NEO Z83-4?

Please note, a factory reset will erase all saved data, content and settings on your NEO Z83-4.

1. Attach a keyboard to the NEO Z83-4 and start/boot the device by pressing down the power button.

2. Press F9 key on the keyboard and you shall be able to see reset-1.jpg, then select “Troubleshoot”.

3. Select "Troubleshoot" in reset-1.jpg.

4. Follow these steps:
"Reset this PC" > "Remove everything" > "Fully clean the drive" > "reset".
Check out these steps in the attached pictures.

The whole process would take approximately 2 hours.


Have you tried press and hold F9 then power on the device?
Yes I did. I tried all kinds of combinations such as pressing F9 before I press the power ON, a second after I press the power ON, multiple presses on the F9 while it is being turned on, but nothing seems to work.
I could however enter the BIOS by pressing F11. I did that just to make I can use these keys. But not the F9.
I found that if you start up the PC and with Windows up and running as usual, you can then type in (at bottom left search box) reset PC, the option screen pops up and you can proceed to reset the PC n the manner you wish.