I was right

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I was about the MINIX U22 release I said in February and it looks that way ๐Ÿ™‚
We are all patiently waiting for something official from MINIX.

Hopefully they were able to celebrate Chinese New Year but based on the current virus situation... I'm sure it dulled the festivities at the least.
I actually heard in some places the public celebrations were cancelled.:(

I hope the current health issue won't delay the release but at the same time I wouldn't be surprises.... it is only Feb.1st however.

I do recall you are a loyal MINIX user and I'm sure they appreciate your patience and understanding ! :)


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I really wish peeps would stop fussing about getting hold of pre-release devices purely to say they were first :(!!!!!

Ultimately, angry members have ended up posting messages of criticism berating MINIX for problems they experience with devices they knowingly purchased before the release date.

Quit promoting the purchase of pre-release devices once & for all, geeezus!!!
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