Minix XBMC 16.3 (20160911) tmdb and tvdb scraper fixes


I was posting 'fixed' versions of these addons on the old site, might as well do it here too.

The short version of why they fail regularly is that at some point the version numbers within the addons changed their format, it used to be of the format 673.9.4 and is now 3.9.4. One side affect of this is that if you have manually installed a fixed addon it will never be auto-updated because 673 is always greater than 3, and even if it was it wouldn't work because Minix XBMC 16.3 doesn't understand the changed format.

It might seem like a minor detail but unless Minix XBMC 16.3 gets patched (and it's been 17 months so very unlikely) every time tvdb or tmdb change something on their API which requires the addons to be updated to work again the patched versions we're using will become broken.

Here's how to 'fix' the addons yourself, since I'll only notice when it stops working for me which for tv is a few days and for films could be up to a couple of weeks.

Download the latest version of each addon from these folders

As of today that is.

Put all the addons into one folder (It makes it easier for the drag and drops).
Do the following for each addon.

open with winrar
drag out addon.xml
drag into a text editor such as editpad or notepad++

insert 67 so
is changed to

Save and close.

Drag modified addon.xml back into zip so it overwrites the original (watch the file date, size, and crc32 change)
Delete the dragged out addon.xml

Repeat for each addon

Add to Kodi using Install from zip file
System->Settings->Add-ons->Install from zip file
I personally have a NAS with a shared folder added as a source in System->File Manager, makes it quicker to access the folder.

Enjoy Kodi able to scrape again.


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Given that the tvdb update to API v3 went 'poorly' and had to be rolled back there is still an issue causing the addon to crash Kodi when run.

The major issue though is that the tvdb API is currently returning no artwork at all.
The LoadArt function expects when it requests (say) "Posters" that it either gets all posters, or it gets a 404 error (when there are none), so there was no reason to expect the keyType field to ever be empty. (The function doesn't run when it 404s.)
Since it currently is empty, the function ends up reusing the previous contents of the buffer as output, which happens to be the call to itself, resulting in an infinite loop, which carries on until eventually it crashes.

Do note, that even with the fix, if you refresh a whole show, you will lose all artwork, because the API is currently returning none.

I've modified the tvdb.xml within the zip as explained in the link above so at least Kodi doesn't crash.
There should be no need to replace with the previous version of 2.0.18 from December 2018 when tvdb fix their API returning a null value.


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And here's an official version with the fix released late yesterday evening (very slight difference in the code), patched as per usual.


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Thanks for the heads-up Skynet, lunchtime so I had a spare 5 10 minutes (read the linked thread too). Probably not related to why Anna (2019) was scraping as the wrong 'Anna (2019)' film (thanks Luc Besson) and had to resort to putting the imdb link in an nfo.

Two patched tmdb versions from 3 days ago and the latest tvdb from two posts up / 6 weeks ago so they're all in one reply.


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Todays 'patched' tvdb addon to work with the current fubar that is the tvdb API v3 weeklong launch.

The cynic in me puts the odds at less than 50% tvdb will break it in the next few days, but for now it works.

What is a pita is that they've permanently deprecated non https traffic which breaks the very old original SickBeard I used for sorting, I've installed SickChill as a replacement but it's not working yet.

Got SickChill mostly working, or at least I can add shows now. Required me to change to the Develop branch and even then manually edit two different .py files. I shouldn't have to trawl github for this. Ah well my current broken SickBeard managed to manually sort 15outof20 shows for me, I can live with manually dragging a few a day for a week or so.


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Tvdb scrapper (for tv shows) was not working (broked) for me till yesterday.
I am using kodi 18.5
I will test today again and will see the difference.
I like tvdb but i used (for a time) tvmaze but it is not so good as tvdb.
Happy now .:)
tvdb is working very well for the tv shows i have- kodi 18.5.

Here is how it works for me : (i had before like this and now is working again very well)

name of tv show (year)

kodi will get very well the tv show we have and is just setup like these:
-this directory contains tv shows
-choose provider tvdb
-and then scan for new content

If we have doubts we can search tvdb website
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New versions of these from November the 24th
tvdb is to fix artwork preview
tmdb is to "improved: search results to handle articles at the end of title"

tvdb is still having niggles with migration to v3 API, yesterday I was occasionally getting empty xml files for a few series when updating sickchill. It does however look as though the worst is over. :cool:


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New version from 2020-01-24

From Changelog
- Fixed: search results following yet another change in tvdb API response
- Fixed: search results
- Fixed: Another patch in order to fix TVDB inconsistency (trying to find series without overview)


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All three addons have updates, the tvdb one due to tvdb api changes that broke the previous version.

No real need to update the tmdb unless you feel like it.
no explanation why
- added: belarusian language option

You definitely need to update to this immediately.
- Fixed title and plot


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