Official Release X7 Kitkat 250 ( february 8th 2016 )

Hey Gufone
I tried on my minix X7 mini and it failed : "not a valid update package"
this one ( )
presenting the same error : "not a valid update package"

my device is:
Android Version 4.4.2
Kenel Version 3.0.36+
gufone@forest #1
SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 21 18:19:35 CET 2015
Build Number RK30_Android$(Platform_Version)-SDK-v1.00.00\KOT49H Release-keys

Thank you for your help !
See first post. Driver version 4.5 available, this version will work @ win 10


Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk
I downloaded (i dont know where Rockchip DriverAssitant_v4.6)
I tried putting here but it says "the uploaded file is too large for the server to process".
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