Peacock TV

Hi, after reading the post regarding Peacock TV and having nothing better to do I thought I would test the availability in Asia using a VPN, I have had success on both the U22-XJ and my Minix J50-C4 .. The J50 plays everything very well but alas the U22-XJ whilst providing access to all content and very good picture quality I found some of what I selected to watch had no sound, it was generally across all media. Any thoughts would be welcome.


I found some of what I selected to watch had no sound
I noticed that too, but I only saw it in one episode of a TV series. There was no sound every time I selected it, even after rebooting the device, clearing cache of the app, etc. I tried the next episode and that had sound so presumed the other had a glitch.

I haven't used the app enough to comment further.

Edit: Selected a few more streams, some with a lack of sound. It's always the same streams! :unsure:

@gdf I tried in a browser on Windows and confirm no sound issues. :)