Some tv-stream apps freeze with green screen [U9-H]

Hi all,

I experience issues with some tv-stream apps. Older versions worked fine, but eventually the apps forced me to update to new versions that no longer work. I use those apps with a vpn, Freedome, which has worked fine.

What I watch are not live streams, rather recordings. When I pick a program to play, I get a green screen, with the actual program frozen in a small box in the top left hand corner, but the audio continues. I’m attaching a photo here which exhibits the issue.

I’ve tried to tinker with various setting but cannot mitigate the problem.
My Minix is not fiddled with, so it has the latest OTA updates that were released for the box.

These are the apps

I have no issues with for example Youtube and Netflix which also pass through the same vpn. I also have an iPad, again same vpn and those apps work without glitches.

Any ideas/recommendations?

Thank you in advance :)